computer repairs and support

Professional In-Store, On-Site, & Remote Computer Services

Your computer helps keep your home and business operating efficiently. If it runs sluggishly, shows signs of a virus, or crashes, you cannot afford a typical chain store service delay. When your computer goes down, you need fast, efficient repairs to get it up and running as soon as possible.

To maintain your system’s health and reduce the chance of unexpected problems, you also need conscientious support from skilled professionals. If you’re like most computer owners, you don’t want to deal with outsourced support from an overseas call center, and you shouldn’t have to.

The Computer Services You Need Right Here In Windsor and East Granby, CT.

At PC Development Group, we’re pleased to provide the repair and support services you need. We’re located in Windsor and East Granby, CT., and we make it easy to drop off your computer for evaluation and repairs. We identify potential issues and provide fast, efficient assistance. If you need technical support, we’re just a phone call away.

computer repairs and support

Computer Repairs

Our technicians have the training and experience to assess and repair your most complex computer issues. We examine your system and diagnose any problems. We determine the most efficient repair options, and we explain our findings. When your system is repairable, we perform the service quickly and return your computer as soon as possible.

Software Issues

We can evaluate and help resolve problems you experience with QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, and other software.

Virus or Malware Removal

Criminals use viruses and malware to infiltrate your computer and gain access to your data. If you suspect that someone has infected your computer or is controlling it, we locate the source and remove it immediately. We ensure that your system is clean, and we implement a strategy for future protection.

System Tune-Ups

A system tune-up can help you resolve computer sluggishness, browser redirects, pop-up ads, and other issues. Some computer peripherals become obsolete or less efficient due to age and wear. Programs and extensions sometimes monopolize your computer’s resources.

During a tune-up, we identify any degrading or outdated parts. We evaluate extensions and programs, and we recommend possible upgrades based on changing industry standards. We also examine your cybersecurity risks and recommend protective options.

Ongoing Support

When you buy a computer or a server for your business, no one expects you to become a technology expert. As with many of our commercial clients, you require ongoing technical support to keep your systems up and running. Our technicians perform regular maintenance, system upgrades, and system evaluations. We keep your IT functioning the way it should, and we’re available whenever you need us.

Business owners are the majority of our ongoing support clients. We also offer our residential customers the same professional support services.

System Backups

When your computer contains important programs, procedures, images, and data, you don’t want to lose them. We work with you to establish a correct backup protocol that helps prevent this from happening. Our goal is to make sure that your backups are safe and that they’re functioning the way you believe they are.

Repair and Support When and Where You Need It

We value you as a customer, so we do whatever it takes to provide the service you need. Our technicians perform repairs and ongoing support in-store or by phone, on-site, or by remote connection to your computer.

  • In-Store
    When you need us, connect with our technicians at our Windsor and East Granby, CT location. When you contact us by phone, we answer your questions and help you determine if your computer system requires service. You can also drop off your computer for analysis and repair, and discuss your concerns with our staff.
  • On-Site
    We understand that, as a business owner, your days are often too busy to come to us. That’s why we come to you when you need us. Our technicians provide professional IT services at your location, so you don’t have to disrupt your schedule. We also provide on-site service for residential customers.
  • Remote Support
    When you need technical support, you can always reach out to us by phone. If you need additional follow-up, we also have the capability to resolve some computer issues remotely. The process is simple.
    • Contact us to schedule an appointment.
    • Make sure you have access to a reliable internet connection.
    • Download the appropriate executable file from our site.

Wherever you are, our technicians can log in to your computer, view the problem you’re experiencing and provide immediate solutions. Pricing for a remote session starts at $27.50.

computer repairs and support

Get With The Group

To learn more about our computer repair and support services in Windsor and East Granby, CT, call us at (860) 683-0384 or leave a detailed message on our contact page