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Solutions to Keep Your IT Safe & Secure

Cybercriminals keep finding new ways to infiltrate computers and steal data for financial gain. If you use technology to run your business or organize your family, cyber security is a critical issue that you can’t ignore. You must take steps to protect your IT systems from criminal infiltration. If you haven’t implemented the necessary safeguards, it’s time to put a strong cyber security plan in place.

At PC Development Group, we are committed to helping you keep your technology and data safe and secure. We accomplish this by creating a cyber security strategy that meets your commercial or residential needs.

The Consequences of Cyber Crimes

When a cybercriminal gains access to your IT system, they harvest personally identifiable data and use it for illegal purposes. Scammers and other bad actors use stolen data to steal identities, take control of assets, and hold systems hostage. While the media usually focuses on major corporate data breaches, criminals attack residential and small business IT systems as well.

Major corporations and institutions have risk management strategies and financial resources to protect them from cyber losses and their consequences. Families and small businesses often struggle to recover from these attacks. A single incident can destroy a family’s financial security or harm their credit standing.

Small businesses encounter financial consequences, and they often deal with unanticipated public relations setbacks. When a cybercriminal steals customer data, the incident can destroy the trust and goodwill a business carefully develops over time.

cyber security

Multiple Layers of Protection

Effective cyber security requires more than a single type of software or product. At PC Development Group, we evaluate your needs and create a layered security system based on your requirements.

Spam Filtering

Some criminals access your computer through phishing links within spam emails. These types of communications aren’t always easy to identify. A filter catches them before they cause harm.

Security Software

Security software monitors your computer for viruses, and malware, and other malicious programs then cleans them away before they cause damage.

Email Encryption

If someone accesses an encrypted email message, they can’t decipher it without the appropriate security key.

Hardware Firewall

A firewall creates a barrier that separates your IT network/computer from online dangers.

Risk Awareness Training

We teach your employees to identify and avoid cyber risks.

Virus/Malware Removal

If a bad actor has already infiltrated your system, we clean away the virus or malware and recommend security measures for future protection.

System Backup

If a cyber attack compromises or destroys your data, a strong backup system gives you a recovery option.

We understand that families and small businesses don’t have corporate-level resources. That’s why we are dedicated to implementing cost-saving solutions to help you keep cyber risks at bay.

cyber security

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