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Technology installation service with locations in Windsor and East Granby, CT

Advanced technologies play an ever-increasing role in your everyday life. Our professional technology installations get your devices properly connected to help you optimize their many benefits. Whether you operate a tech-forward business or you’re developing a technologically savvy home, our knowledgeable professionals get your systems up and running.

At PC Development Group, we install the connected devices that save you time, organize your day, entertain you, and keep you safe. We are proud to offer our Windsor and East Granby, CT customers an alternative to big tech store traditions. Our team is committed to providing IT devices, services, and solutions for a reasonable price.

Smart Home Devices

Smart devices can control your home’s temperature, close your garage door, or turn on your lights. In keeping with their “smart” concept, manufacturers design compatible devices that collaborate to perform scheduled routines. Smart devices complete everyday tasks so you don’t have to think about them. Our professional technology installations and reliable Internet connections help your devices do what you need them to do.

At PC Development Group, we understand that you love the idea of a tech-savvy home or business. You choose smart devices that fit your needs, but you don’t always have the time, skills, dexterity, or patience for DIY installations. If you have the time, even the simplest step-by-step instructions can seem tedious or perplexing. When you schedule your technology installations with us, you can work on other important tasks while we set up and connect your smart devices.

Smart TVs

Amazon Echo and Alexa Devices

Google Home Devices

Smart Appliances

technology installations

Camera Installations

Cameras play a crucial role in business and residential security. You use them to monitor your property, identify visitors, document crimes, and keep an eye on your children. You can easily decide the right cameras for your intended purposes, but setting them up isn’t always as simple as advertised. At PC Development Group, we make the process easier by performing the camera technology installations you need.

Indoor and Outdoor Camera Installations

Connections to Your Internet System

App Setup for Remote Monitoring

In-House Digital Data Recording

Cloud-Based Digital Data Recording

Ethernet Cable Terminations

Patch Panel Setups

Wall Plates

Jack Terminations

When you contact PC Development Group, we schedule an appointment to install your cameras where you need them.

Wireless Point-to-Point Devices.

technology installations
Wireless point-to-point devices let you share a network with fewer restrictions than wired systems. When properly installed, PTPs can transmit a wireless signal to a building next door, across the street, or even several miles away. They are a perfect option for businesses that want to establish a network connecting their headquarters, remote locations within a large building, or nearby expansions.

At PC Development Group, we perform PTP technology installations by setting up a wireless bridge between your locations. Homeowners also find these systems useful when they need a wireless system that reaches their garage, barn, or other service buildings.

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