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As a small to medium-sized business, you rely on information technology more than ever. Computers simplify complicated tasks, increase productivity, and connect you with online resources. They organize critical data and enable document digitization for paperless operations. When your business depends on technology, you need dependable business IT support to keep your systems safe, secure, and ready to meet daily challenges.

We Understand Your Technology Needs

IT support
At PC Development, we provide local IT support to meet your business needs. We offer on-demand and ongoing support. Our technicians respond quickly and perform professionally. We’re local so, when you call, you don’t have to wait, on-hold for an overseas technician. We provide the IT support your business needs when and where you need it.

  • Our location
  • Your Site
  • Phone consultation
  • Remote connection

The IT Support You Need

At PC Development Group, we provide professional support to resolve your technology issues. We understand that each business is unique with distinct variations in its IT requirements. That’s why we provide only highly-trained technicians with the skills and experience necessary to perform quality work.
IT support
IT support

Ongoing Support

When you operate an insurance agency, auto repair shop, or any other kind of business, you shouldn’t have to become an IT expert. You need a technician who understands your computer system well enough to maintain its functionality.

 When we provide ongoing support, we perform regular maintenance, system upgrades, and system evaluations. We implement backup, cybersecurity, and other essential systems. We are also available to help with unexpected repairs or unanticipated technical issues.

Server Maintenance and Upgrades

If you require a server to meet your complex business needs, P C Development offers appropriate solutions. We complete new server installations. We provide hardware maintenance, system upgrades, and technical expertise to keep your existing infrastructure current. Our team also provides reliable assistance when you need to move your server and set it up at a new location

IT support
IT support

Malware/Virus Removal and Computer Tune-Ups

While you’re working hard to run your business, criminals are busy finding new ways to infiltrate your system. They use malware and viruses to steal or destroy your data. They control your computers and use your stored information for financial gain. When you suspect someone has infected your computer, we identify and remove any problem.

 Our computer tune-ups help resolve many computer performance issues. Our technicians evaluate your computer for sluggishness, browser redirects, pop-up ads, and other problems. We determine if aging peripherals or extensions are diminishing your computer’s efficiency. When appropriate, we replace degrading or outdated parts. We also evaluate your cybersecurity risks and implement appropriate protections.

Networking Solutions

Networking gives your business a convenient digital connection to banking, credit card processing, and other online resources. Depending on your preferences, we set up your network and optimize it for data backups and synchronization, file sharing, and other productivity enhancements. Our technicians work with you to provide the network functionality you require.

IT support
IT support

Data Recovery

You might not realize that your hard drive is failing until it begins malfunctioning. When you have a bad hard drive, you may notice these symptoms.

  • Frequent or irregular crashes
  • Disappearing files and folders
  • Delays in accessing folders and files
  • Your drive makes clicking or grinding sounds
  • A blue computer screen

Even if you can’t access your drive through a normal booting process, our technicians implement strategies that usually recover your data.

Data Backup Solutions

The data you store on your IT system is critical to every facet of your business. Our technicians help you protect your data from unexpected risks by implementing an automated backup solution. A data backup establishes an process for recovering critical data when a destructive event occurs. Even if a fire or natural disaster destroys your hardware, you can still access your business data.

We  implement a data backup solution based on your specifications.

  • External device backup: A flash drive or external hard drive
  • Cloud backup: Data backup and storage on a secure online platform
  • Monitored cloud backup: Secure cloud backup that we monitor for backup consistency
IT support
IT support

Remote Support Sessions

When you need technical support, we offer a remote option. We often resolve technical issues by establishing a connection to your computer.

  • Schedule your remote support appointment.
  • Make sure you have a reliable internet connection.
  • Download an executable file from our site.

Our technicians can access your computer no matter where you are. A remote connection lets us view the problem and offer immediate solutions. Remote session pricing starts at $27.50

Employee Monitoring Solutions

When you want to give your employees remote work flexibility, you can still  view and track their workflow and productivity. Our software solutions help you supervise, monitor, and record a remote employee’s computer activities automatically.

  • Screenshots
  • Keystrokes Typed
  • Websites Visited
  • Email Sent/Received
  • Chat/IM Activity
  • Facebook/Social Networks
  • Online Searches
  • Programs Used
IT support
IT support

Laptop Rentals

We provide laptop rentals when you need them. This can be a welcome option if your computer stops working, you have a deadline to meet, and you can’t wait for repairs. Contact us to learn more about our rental program.

Electronic Recycling

Connecticut’s e-waste recycling law requires that you recycle computers and other electronic waste. To help protect the environment, we provide a free e-waste recycling service. 

IT support

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