email setup and services

Secure, Branded Email Communication

Email gives you a fast, simple way to communicate with your important contacts. When you operate a business, your email address provides convenient opportunities to reaffirm your identity and showcase your brand. To ensure confidence in your online operations, your email setup must also provide a secure environment to interact with your customers. When you rely on a free email platform, you miss out on many of these essential benefits.

Email services such as Yahoo, Gmail, and Snet attract users in droves. That’s primarily because they remain cost-free. You don’t pay a fee for their email, but, as with most free online services, you and your customers pay an unanticipated price.

The Downside of Free Email

You give up any reasonable expectation of privacy

You grant digital helpers access to your communications

You passively provide some of the big data that help companies pinpoint buyer preferences and target markets more efficiently

Limited protection subjects you to continuous security risks:

  • Covert marketing operations
  • Phishing scams
  • Data breaches

The Benefits of Professional Email

Branded email address with your personal or commercial domain name

Synchronized email availability on all of your digital devices

Optimal security

A suite of optional services:

  • Spam filtering
  • Email encryption
  • Email archiving
  • Team controls.

Businesses Need a Secure Email Service

Our comprehensive email review is one of the initial services we offer to our new clients. If we determine that you are using a free email platform we explain the risks and discuss a secure alternative.

If our technician believes your business would benefit from a more secure email solution, we recommend a change. When you’re ready, we transition your email to a platform such as Microsoft Exchange. It provides secure, customized email solutions that offer a range of benefits.

email setup and services

Choose The Email Options You Need

A branded email service gives you tools that allow more control over online communication. You have a choice of secure options for receiving, monitoring, and controlling your business email.

Spam Filtering

Unwanted messages clog your email inbox and waste your time. Spam filtering sets parameters for identifying and eliminating junk mail, phishing mail, and other unwanted messages.


Email archiving allows you to remove a message from your inbox without deleting it. Archived emails remain in a separate folder. They don’t clog your inbox, but they remain available when you need them.


Email encryption renders your messages unreadable. It converts them to scrambled text that requires a private key to decipher. Encryption prevents criminals from accessing critical information in your emails. This minimizes the risk of data breaches, phishing schemes, and other digital crimes.

Team Controls

Email tools give you the ability to monitor and control staff email. You can read employee messages, change passwords, reroute messages, and remove users.

Learn More About Our Email Setup and Services

email setup and services

At PC Development Group, we understand that email is a critical business tool. We want to make sure that you have the options you need to maintain safe, secure customer communication. Our branded email solutions help you establish and maintain contact with your customers so you can keep them engaged. We optimize your email by providing the strong communication tools you need in a secure environment.

For more information about our email setup and services, give us a call at (860) 683-0384 or leave a detailed message on our contact page