Employee Spotlight: Donavan Green

Another Member of the Dream Team!

Donavan Green


Donavan Green

Donavan Green has been a technician at PC Development group since 2019.

Equipped with a degree in Computer Information Systems, he seeks to find a solution for every problem. He prides himself on exceptional friendly service and helpful expertise.

Donavan is driven with a desire to learn, understand and pass forward computer knowledge.

Whether it be the coding that creates powerful software or the intricacies of the latest hardware, his passion for learning spans the realm of computer technology.

Donavan enjoys spending his free time exploring and hiking the various parks and trails Connecticut has to offer, always accompanied by his significant other and his dogs.

Donavan finds comfort in discovering new music, PC gaming with his hometown friends, harmless pranks on his coworker Jarred and grilled Hibachi dinner.

Donavan Green is proud to be a part of such a wonderful team of professionals.

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Donavan has risen in the ranks of PC Development Group rapidly due to his never-ending hunger to learn and natural technical skills.

Don’t blink or you might just see a CEO title appear next to his name!

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